Sunday, January 12, 2014


It has been quite the week here in the Philippines. In the end the
Doctor's at St. Lukes Global in Manila were not really able to help me
much except to confirm that the pain in my chest is not my Heart or
Lungs. They gave me some pain medicine and I did not want to go home
so they let me come back home to Batangas and try to keep working!

Sister Teaotai only came back for two days. She was much more positive
than me at first. She was ready to get working again. But, when the
time came to go back out and work she knew she couldn't do it. She was
having trouble even walking up the stairs to her bed. She is in Manila
waiting for her exit visa and flight back to Kiribati. I am in a trio
right now with Williams and Waldrom. It is really cool to get to work
with my companion from my MTC after we have gotten more fluent in the
language and actually know how to teach! She is always an inspiration.

It has been hard on the W's to send us home, but I just can't do the
work like I would like to. I can't work all day and just am either in
too much pain or tired so much that we can only get out for a few
hours. Since our area's are really progressing I feel like I am
holding back the work too much. Plus, it is not fun to be sick in the
Philippines, it is too hot and I only get Aircon on the Bus or during
sacrament meeting! But in the end I have prayed to heavenly father,
and I know that I need to come home.

I was really struggling when I got back from MRC because I did NOT
want to go home. President came and taught me a lesson about faith and
doing God's will. I will write more about that when I get home and
have more time. He is inspired and talked a lot about God's will and
"But if not"

I am sad that my dad will not be home when I get there, and that my
brother's will be busy with Finals week but I know that now is the
time and I will probably get my exit visa and flight home by Wednesday
or Thursday.

I love you all and I will call the Fam when I get home.
Mahal Kita,

Sister Hellewell

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