Monday, September 9, 2013

It doesn't matter I am only 21. Alam ko po na totoo ang aklat ni mormon

I had a lot of adventures this week with good ole sister Baird! Unfortunately.... I don't have a lot of time to write this big letter today.  I spent a little extra time hearing from family and other missionary friends this week and also spent a little bit of time freaking out that I will be training next transfer...... yep. You got it. Training at 12 weeks! But I’ll be fine! I hope I get to train an American though... having two cultures different from philippina in the Philippines would be lots lots harder. Especially when you have no language in common anyways.... I had a lot happen this week. 

This is the story I sent to my other missionary friends:
So this week I had quite the adventure. Wednesday we went to follow up on an oym from when we were on our way to that really jungle place I sent a picture of again. 

Me and Sister Baird in the jungle
We oym'd a guy and his daughter who were taught by the sister's before. We taught lesson one, and two of them accepted baptismal dates, and another brother was really sad he couldn't stay to listen. We went back the next day to give them a full Book of Mormon (lots of people have a book that is just parts of the Book of Mormon from before it was all translated) and suddenly this guy is asking us questions to just test our knowledge and asking for signs for him to be healed and all that jazz..... Those guys are the worst! Sometimes I want to just say some things to them and promise them destruction and misery.... ok that's a little melodramatic.... but yeah. Anyways all of the sudden he tells me and sister Baird that we cannot know that the Book of Mormon is true because we are only 21, he said it in taglish so I know I understood!  I looked Mr. G right in the eye and said:  Brother, it does not matter that I am only 21. Alam ko po na totoo ang aklat ni mormon. (I know that the book of mormon is true) then I went off in tagalog on him....  I bore witness that no matter what he says I know that the BOM is the true word of God, and with the bible, contains the fullness of the gospel.  I know it and I will not and cannot deny it. No matter what age, language, or situation anyone can know it is true... I went on to explain how to receive an answer and again tell him how I know it is true. He tried to tell me that the BOM is man-made and so are our pamphlets. but the bible was written by men too and he believes that is true....all in all it was a really good experience and I really experienced the gift of tongues and my testimony is just about a million times stronger and stubborn that the Book of Mormon is the word of God. But then his friend that had been being a jerk to us and was smoking the entire lesson asked me to be his girlfriend and I got grossed out. I really don't want to go back there, but his daughter and son really want to know the truth and have a baptismal goal date so I have too..... Wish me Luck! 

We also taught this old lady that's just the nicest person ever and always gives us papayaya... Which we are quite alright with! We decided to drop her though cause we couldn't communicate and she didn't understand reading definitions from the pamphlets or scriptures or our object lessons.... so we figured, hey teach her in the spirit world when we are sure that worldly illness's are not messing with her mind. and How do you explain God to someone who believe he is the rain and the wind... but says she is catholic... anyways we planned to drop her, but then she showed up to church and is friends with all the nanay's there, so we will just teach with nanay A from now on and see if that helps. That same day we also taught some other nanay's that could not understand authority from God. or the word authority at all. We did a lot of object lessons but they didn't get it. That was all the same day as my first story. That was a rough day. The next day we did a straight up lesson with K that in order to receive answers and help from god you have to ask and then act. So we will be dropping her too if she doesn't read the book of Mormon this week. It's too bad she really wants it and lives close to the church. 

I also got asked why I’m white by a little girl... and I almost said cause I don't eat my veggies, but then I remembered that philippinas want to be white and then didn't know if it would be better to say because I ate them or because I didn't...... Bakit puti po? So cute.....

puti means white.
Our dance group outside our apartment also called us putiful (like beautiful but putiful) it was funny. 

Also.... I don't have time to write this story but we are teaching a very catholic woman.... we were cross referencing her favorite chapter in the bible 1 corithians 13 to moroni 7.... She decided to read chapter 8 heading instead..... and was not ready for the doctrine taught there..... do some research and use some logic imagination for how that lesson went........ yikes. 

But all in all it was a successful but hard week and four investigators went to sacrament meeting!!! IT WAS AWESOME!!!!

Any who...... I love you! And I hope all is well back home! 
And that you aren't too depressed the garden was destroyed mostly in the big storm and that Josh learns how to use knives better... ha-ha. LOVE YOU ALL it was good to hear from you this week. 
Also, I got the pictures from when Carolyn and all her family were in town (to Boise) it looks like a lot of fun! It made me want pictures of my funny little brothers too though! Mom, it got here alright and only cost me about two American dollars. love ya!
Next week I hopefully will remember to tell you about our new family mission plans that are just so awesome! 

Also I ate snail this week. It was gross to suck them out of the shell but it was actually pretty good and bishop's wife is a really good cook. Apparently snail is a delicacy here.... I’m glad it wasn't those big ones next to my house....

mahal kita!

Sister hellewell 

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