Monday, December 16, 2013

"I talked with God last night"

It is still hotter than ever here in the most beautiful islands in the world. But it has been a very good week! We have had a lot of fun and had much success! Transfers are here and I'm just hoping with all my heart that I get to stay here in Batangas! I just love it so much and want it to continue!

My testimony has really  grown this week as I am learning how truly prepared my generation is to hear and accept the Gospel. We have started teaching many more youth and YSA's. Trisha is 12 is already coming to church and asks us if she could be baptized. Her dad has been less active for YEARS and her mom tries to run away the entire lesson, but she loves every minute of it.

Reya and her brother Romel who are 12 and 16 are just amazing. Reya was a referral from a family in the ward, she has been coming to church activities and her mom came to young women in excellence. a week or so ago. Her brother is really into the lessons and is truly reading the book of mormon with the intent of learning the words of god and to find if it is true. I had to buy one of those really cool flashlights with the light on the side for their lessons because their house doesn't have electricity and we want to teach the family together... and they also live forever and a day away so we need to go there last or first. but I am excited to see their progressing. Romel didn't even hesitate to say he would read or pray or be baptized. I almost cried, we didn't see them or the Martinez family at church. And now let me tell you about some of my new favorite people in the world! The G family. Ok, so it's two siblings and some friends. But I love them! We have known JulieAnn for quite some time and always enjoyed seeing her mainly at Franco's Tindihan. But then our Zone Meeting got canceled and suddenly we had nowhere to go! So we texted JulieAnn first thing to try and teach her. Other attempts have been unsuccessful. She agreed to have us over and her brother and their friend Mallorie joined the lesson. I think that it was one of the greatest lessons I have ever taught. One, because it was taglish, two because the spirit was strong, but really because they understood, they intently wanted to listen the entire time. They have all been going to different churches and then leaving when there was something that just didn't feel right. We had a really long lesson but really it felt like 5 seconds. They had so many questions and were excited to read the book of mormon for themselves! Mallorie actually started reading it during our merienda! We taught them the Plan of Salvation this week as well and jimmy was better at answering JulieAnne's questions better than we were! They came to church yesterday along with Dolan and Maricell and it was just like heaven to see them there! Best day in a long time. Jimmy is the best! He told sister williams that he "talked with god last night and it is true" 

I want to add my testimony to that of my friend Jimmy's that the Book of Mormon is true and that I know that my savior lives and I look forward to continuing to share his gospel throughout the season dedicated to him. I love you all and wish you a merry Christmas! To be honest it doesn't feel like Christmas. I saw the first presidency devotional and saw all the lights on temple square... it just is too hot for Christmas around here. Either that or I've just come accustomed to having decorations up for Christmas since we have had them since September! Anyways I love you all. And family, I will plan on skyping you on my Christmas morning but your Christmas Eve, but with transfers you never know what will happen, and my p-day may be a different day next week. I love you all!

Sister Hellewell

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