Monday, November 4, 2013

Ryanne Baptizes Marinel!----Duckpin

This last week was a good one. We feel like we worked hardest this week and we didn't feel that the numbers reflected that, but that's the life of a missionary I guess! We had 3 days with a 6:00 curfew this last week. One for election day, one for Halloween, and one for all-saints day. I am very grateful for the all-saints day curfew because NOBODY wanted to listen to ANY of the missionaries in Batangas. 

Tuesday was a good day. We got in 6 lessons and 3 new investigators, one of which asked us if she could have the Book of Mormon, before we even said the prayer to start the lesson, to read before she goes to bed! It was awesome! We got a few promising OYM's much closer to our apartment and a chicken flew over my head and hit me during a lesson. And sister L said she would miss us if we were transferred and was concerned about it! Which made us feel good. Apparently two pull-outs in a row (all new missionaries) have not been easy on the world over here. M has also came to the conclusion for herself that she needs to repent and return to church activity for herself and be an example and have hope for her kids to follow! I haven’t seen any action yet... but she is progressing. She said she wanted a picture of Christ to put up in her humble home so me and Sister Williams brought one to her later in the week. We gave her a reading assignment in the Book of Mormon as well. The next night we had a little extra time before we needed to go home and since she lives in our neighborhood we stopped by and gave her a requested Liahona magazine in Tagalog. And we caught her reading the BOM!!!! IT was a good moment. 

So Williams and I have a friend who we try to teach but she just would not focus in the first lesson bless her heart. Well I think she has this sixth sense that the missionaries are in Balete or something, it's a little weird. Anyways we ran into her once again and asked to go share with her. She said she had a pupuntahan (place to go) but we got her to let us come in for a ten minute lesson! I honestly think she just likes having American friends; a lot of people are like that here. I've never had my nose complemented so much in my entire life! Anyways she lets us in and suddenly decides that we need to go to her neighbors house (who are family of some sort, apo I think but her daughter was there too) anyways their father died four years ago to the day so she wanted us to pray for them. But they kept telling me all these things to pray for in Tagalog and I didn't understand them all and I was really nervous. They need a good lesson on pray so that they can know that they can just pray to their father in heaven, their prayer means just as much as mine! But I guess my prayer was alright the second time I started it, I'm not really sure what she interrupted me to say the first time I started to pray but I guess she was satisfied. Wow that was interesting. We are hoping to start teaching her with more extended family in hopes that J will stay seated and just listen to what we want to teach her so that she can feel the spirit! 

On Wednesday we had a little dilemma of nobody being home and not knowing where to go. We had a 6:00 curfew already so we were just at a loss at who to go see. We could track more in hilltop and Meraclo site and hope that D got back from the cemetery before curfew or we could go closer to home in our subdivision and try a few people there. We normally do NOT go back closer to home with an hour or so left because we don't have very many things to do so close and we don't want to be left so close to home with so much time left. But we both had a feeling to just go back to st. peter. I questioned the inkling, but I decided to follow it, and then I found out Sister Williams had the same feeling so off we went! Luckily a potential we have been trying to contact for 6 weeks now was home! He was just leaving! And he is super awesome and also fluent in English and Italian and Tagalog and he's pretty much the best. We got to meet with him, and if we had waited any longer we would have missed him once again! So we were very glad that we followed the prompting we were given no matter how small it was, and even though we didn’t recognize it as a prompting right away. 

Halloween and saints day were rough. No one was home, no one wanted to talk to the missionaries and holidays are just hard!  It made we want to follow the multitudes of people going to the cemeteries and proselyte over there! 

Also Marinel is now the newest member of the church in Batangas 2! She was baptized and received the Holy Ghost this last weekend! And it was a very special moment for many reasons. Sister Marinel has actually been active in the church for about 5 months now, we could not find a record of the many missionaries who have apparently taught her so all we had to do was re-teach the information she already knew! But she did have deeper doctrinal questions than we are used to investigators asking. Anyways, she was baptized by Ryanne who has only had the priesthood for two weeks now and been a member for three! It was a very very special moment for both of them and everyone present. The spirit was so strong! And it just grew when sister Marinel shared her testimony. She is awesome. 

Her family lived a few hour drive and a plane ride away, I’m not sure where. But they are also listening to the missionaries. Their problem is that the church building is a 56 peso van ride away so it is very hard for them to attend church. They said that the elders whom are teaching them have been praying for them to find the means to get to church. And suddenly they are starting to catch more fish than they ever have before! The lord sure likes to make miracles happen with fish. :) 

The 8 missionaries in Batangas went bowling this morning for a good little p-day activity. We did some duckpin bowling. Which means the pins are smaller, and the ball, you can just hold in your hand... no holes or any of that sort of thing. I sent some pictures! IT was quite fun and satisfying! The elder's found it one day on their way to Atienza where about half of the 1st ward lives I feel like! (ok that is a complete exaggeration) I'm not good at any sort of bowling I have discovered! 

 In the picture is E. Kaifoto and Bodkin and Pacunla (his comp sprained both his ankles yesterday simultaneously so they went on exchanges with priesthood in their ward so that some work could get done) there is also Me, Williams Moimoi and calla! We had a lot of fun! 

 I am looking forward to another week of hard work! It is transfer week again so I am just hoping that neither me nor Williams will be transferred. I am not training new so I don't think we need to worry about it this time! I do NOT want to be transferred again! I am in the best area of the mission (lots of other missionaries have told me so) It's definitely not the prettiest area because it is all city but the ward is the best and that makes the area the best! We actually had eight extra missionaries in batangas last Sunday for them to have their last Sunday here in their favorite area! It was a lot of fun to get to see more missionaries than usual. 

Well I hope all is well in America and that you are enjoying not sweating to a seemingly death every day. Ok, that might me an exaggeration as well... especially since it is the "coolest time of the year" I don't think the word "cool" even exists here... or maybe it is just a myth. I do not know :) Well have a great week! 

Love, Sister Hellewell!  

Ice chunk I took out of the freezer this morning! 
This is what happens when we go 
2 weeks without defrosting it. 

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